What is Autism

Today, one in 68 kids is diagnosed with autism.

Autism is a condition of the neuroimmune system; However, for many years it has been treated erroneously as a psychiatric condition. New discoveries and the thousands of families who have already cured their children of autism both in the United States and internationally are strong evidence that treatments work.

It has been found that in treating the serious medical conditions in the gastrointestinal, immunological, and metabolic system in children with autism, autistic behaviors begin to disappear. As a result, they begin to regain their lost skills and their neurological system begins to organize itself.

It is time we look at our children’s behaviors as a way of them expressing the pain or physical effect caused by this condition.

If you are concerned your child may have this condition, we invite you to read our post “Identifying Behaviors & Symptoms Associated with Autism.”

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