Bringing Resources to You

Our goal is to educate you by bringing information to your fingertips and connecting you with a supportive community.  Read our magazine publication “Curing Autism” where we present cases of recovery in each edition and how each child who recovered was treated. Join the Curing Autism Support group on where […]


Visiting with Specialists: Diagnosis is a Process

Before getting an autism diagnosis, it is important to rule out other conditions or diseases that have symptoms similar to this. Be sure to review our post to help you identify behaviors and symptoms associated with autism.  The diagnosis of autism must be the result of a consensus. That is why […]


What is Autism

Today, one in 68 kids is diagnosed with autism. Autism is a condition of the neuroimmune system; However, for many years it has been treated erroneously as a psychiatric condition. New discoveries and the thousands of families who have already cured their children of autism both in the United States and […]


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