Visiting with Specialists: Diagnosis is a Process

Before getting an autism diagnosis, it is important to rule out other conditions or diseases that have symptoms similar to this. Be sure to review our post to help you identify behaviors and symptoms associated with autism. 

The diagnosis of autism must be the result of a consensus. That is why it is recommended that the child be evaluated by a pediatric neurologist, an audiologist and a geneticist.

Afterwards, you must visit with behavioral specialists whether a pediatric psychologist or psychiatrist, a speech pathologist or a development specialist. These will indicate if the child requires speech, occupational, sensory or behavioral (ABA) therapies, which are the most common during treatment in the journey to recovery.

Once you get the diagnosis of autism and if your doctor indicates that autism has no cure and that it is not reversible, you may consider changing doctors because it means that your doctor may not be updated on new discoveries and treatments for autism. He may not be trained well enough to guide you properly on the road to recovery for your child.

For more information on doctors certified in the Integrated Biomedical Protocol from the Autism Research Institute in the U.S. visit http://www.autism.com

As you walk this road, be encouraged to know you are not alone! We exist to help connect you to a community and inform you about this condition. It is our sincerest hope that you not face this alone.

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