Treatment Steps

Warning Signs

If you are concerned that your child may have autism, these are the behaviors and symptoms to watch out for.

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Starting Treatment

These are the essential things to get started in the process.

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Is it Really Autism?

It is important to rule out other conditions or diseases that have symptoms similar to this.

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Implement Biomedical Protocol

Here’s a basic guide to help you get started on the diet and the first steps to begin recovery at home.

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Visiting With Specialists

The diagnosis of autism must be a result of a consensus. Make sure to visit the right specialists.

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Our goal is to provide information while connecting you with a supportive community.

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3 Areas to Attach

Remember that each child is different. However, these are the areas to treat in order for your child to start the journey to recovery.

Change diet & start supplementing

For some children it suffices with diet and supplements to reach an extreme improvement and perhaps reach full recovery. For that reason, this is starting point.

Treat Candida

Aggressive behaviors, hand flapping and obsessions are highly associated with high levels of intestinal candida, which also causes anxiety, depression, sleep problems also causes the body to be more prone to ear infections, cold sores, colds, skin problems, Bronchitis and allergies.

Attack viruses

If your child shows some disorder, especially with the viruses Herpes 6, CMV, HSV1, HSV2, among others, it is necessary to use an antiviral. Additionally, it is very important to maintain an antifungal treatment since antiviruses can increase intestinal candida.




Substitute cow milk for rice, potato or almond milk. Transition gradually. During transition, give digestive enzymes to child before each meal. We recommend that the enzymes to be purchased contain DPP IV ingredients.


Slowly substitute foods containing wheat (i.e. use pastas made from rice, breads made from potatoes, etc.)

Canned Goods

Eliminate foods with vinegar, monosodium glutamate, gluten, wheat, yeast, casein, soy, semolina, caffeine, sugar, malt, barley, artificial coloring (especially red coloring)


Buy “Dye Free.”


Calcium containing vitamin D and magnesium;
Cod liver oil (Omegas 3, 6 and 9);
DMG or TMG 125 mg which promotes speech and nourishes brain cells. Child should take one chewable tablet for every year of your life. This should be accompanied by 800 mg of folic acid 2 times a day.
Transfer Factors, this strengthens the immune system. The recommended dose is one capsule daily.


Give multivitamins and Vitamin B Complex
Francisco lost the diagnosis of autism. Henceforth, his behavior finally came to reflect that of a typical and cured child. In our experience, consistency has been the key to our son’s success. The recovery happens slowly, but if we are consistent we will see the results.
Ayleen Cruz
Vice PresidentCurando El Autismo
We must concentrate on finding the root of the medical illness that causes the symptoms of autism. Just look for evidence that the vast majority of people with autism have many problems in the immune system.
Juan Rodriguez
DirectorStop Calling it Autism
We met with our next of kin to explain that our child would start a special diet that was part of a treatment and why it was urgent to do so. The support of the family in this fight was fundamental for our son to cure his autism.
Yeroline Ruiz
Co-Founder & Vice PresidentCurando El Autismo
Most people do not recognize Thomas as a child with autism. Since his diagnosis, we feel that the recovery is in sight. We know that Thomas is one of the lucky ones, but we believe that recovery is possible for many. Trust your instincts, have faith and never give up.
Catherine Masha
FounderCatherine’s Cause